Sunday, September 6, 2009

Water Rationing in the Rain Forest

From the Peninsula Daily News:

Forks officials last week asked residents to cut back on water use because city wells are about 30 percent below capacity.

It's been an unusually dry summer in Forks, normally one of the wettest towns in the United States.

Rainfall is about 23 inches below normal so far this year — and water use may be higher, too, because of thousands of visiting "Twilight" fans.

The Forks Visitor Center registered 55,600 guest book sign-ins in the first eight months of this year.

It had 18,700 for all of 2008.

Forks itself has only 3,200 residents.

When I heard about the rationing in the local paper - The Forks Forum -- they only blamed those 23 less inches of rain this year. But I'm thinking it's the added 55,600 people we've had this year so far. And the main Twilight festival has yet to appear. And the hotels are already booked up. So, I'm thinking ... SCARY!

Another good reason to go with a rain catchment system, eh?

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