Saturday, August 29, 2009

You Ain't Seen Scary 'til You've Seen Mad Llamas.

I think I've mentioned that we have cows occasionally. In fact, the punks ate my strawberries the last time that they were wandering through our yard. Cows seem to want try everything -- tree leaves, bramble stalks, and yes, strawberries. ((Sighs.)) But hey, strawberries are tenacious, and they're starting to come back, but I suspect I won't get fruit this year.

We also have a rather good sized pack of llamas that live in the field with the cows. We don't see them often, as that field is VERY VERY LARGE, but they come be periodically, I suspect to tour the territory.

They've never been friendly beasties. The pack leader is very quick to make motions that suggest power spitting if I don't stay very clear of the fence when we go walking. But lately? Lately he's been in a mood. He charges the fence no matter how far we are from it when it spots us. And hisses and stomps and throws his head around. And ... damn, but he's a scary bugger! And often, he's backed up by a few... er, "second in commands?" who stand behind him and glare at you too.

We'd been wondering why. And found out yesterday, as we were driving into town. Out there, in the the meadow, no longer blocked by brush was the llama pack. Now sporting several new baby llamas. Heh!

So, I guess I can understand the crankiness.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm cold.

After several hot days in the 80s and 90s, and many weeks in the high 70s, Forks Wa has decided to drop back down to the 50s.

Yeek! I'm FREEZING! But I absolutely refuse to use the woodstove in Summer to heat the house. No. Nope. No way! And, how in the heck did I lose my adaption to cool weather in just a handful of days? I am ... so ashamed.

In other news, Forks had 16,000 Twilight visitors last month. Which was twice June's numbers and almost as much as all of last year's Twilight Tourists. And since Forks sports only about 3500 citizens, it's been interesting.

Gah, went to go re-read the article from yesterday to verify this on the Fork's Forum newspaper, but the article seems lost. But I can say for certainty, that it did seem EXTREMELY busy in town these last few weeks. Our one traffic light was quite over-whelmed. And I suspect we might really need a second one. My cousin Jatina, however, counter-suspects that the town will riot if anyone suggests another one.

Well, yes. She may have a point. We Forksters like our tiny, teeny towny. And two traffic lights is far too ... ahem "Southern California".