Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bella's Birthday Bash seems to have been a success.

There were far more booths there this year, and I had a lot of fun finding a few trinkets for some friends of mine. And the town was over-flowing with excited folks, which made things very endearing.

I did, however, nearly get squashed by a car though. Which put a temporary kink in yesterday's fun. I had been using the cross walk, when out from of one of the street businesses came a white car, very fast, turning into the street and right through the cross walk, and missed me by about a foot.

I have no doubt it left an impression with them. As I saw the look on the person's face as she blurred by, and the soft curse word she gasped out when she realized how close she'd come. It left an impression with me too.

But - hey, it's a beautiful day, and I'm still here to enjoy it.

And ... The Uncle's house has Twilighters swarming the field next door. It's been like that all day today. Whoops, howls, growls and "Edward!!"s echo the air, and from the look at it, mock baseball games and picnics. It's ... a good thing that the Uncle likes the Twilight series. Heh.

- Resa

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