Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Cullens got in a little time playing baseball last night.

And it looks like they may get in time for another game this afternoon.

We don't often get Thunder Storms in Forks, Wa. I've only seen a hand-full in the last 9 years up here. But our house got rocked by one in the middle of last night, that seems to have fried the outlet we plug our computers into. Fortunately, our computers were unplugged.

In other news, I made another Twilight Plant Pot -- this time as a commission for my friends Jennie and Keesha. It's a Jasper Pot, and only up on RC-ForksWA currently, but I hope to have time to get it up in my main gallery soon.

Since I know Twlighters read this journal now and again, I should mention that the DAZZLED BY TWILIGHT store and tour company has taken over one of an old, closed restaurant to reopen it as the TWILIGHT LOUNGE. It's a giant building, and I have to wonder if they intend to have some kind of smallish Twilight Convention there on Halloween or at the opening of New Moon.

Along with this, Forks has one very small theater that has been closed for about 20 years. News is that somebody -- possibly again DBT -- is fixing it up so that residents and tourists can see the movie in town, instead of driving one and a half hours to Port Angeles to see the movie there. Lemmie tell ya, that would be nice!

Whoo -- a reopening of a restaurant and possibly our old theater! Jobs and movies! This rocks!

Gotta run. There's thunder! Gotta go see!

- Resa

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