Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whoof! I am so behind on my updates!

But I have 3 new toons up over at my website. Two smallies and one regular one.

You can start here:

The extra toons are to celebrate the new movie ... and the mayhem and bloodshed (okay, not really bloodshed ...) that's created in Forks Wa. And also to celebrate my finally having figured out the mystery being RSS feeds. Yay!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look! Resa Lives!

Hidy --

Long time no writey!

Well, that's partly because I'm not in Forks this summer. I had to take a temporary job in Port Angeles til September, when I return to take training for a new job in Forks. So, hey. It's all good.

In the meanwhile? It's summer. And it's been dang hot this last week both here and in Forks. My cousin even packed her bags and stayed with me here in Port Angeles for a week or so, til the really hot weather passed. Since it was about 10 degrees cooler here in PA, than in Forks Wa. Strange to think so, but it was.

And now? Now, it's DAMN COLD. After 80F and 90F, it suddenly dropped to the mid 40s last night. And I had to turn on the heat. Can you imagine? Using a heater in Summer. That's ... just ... wrong. Hehheh.

Oh, and I do have a new toon up at the webpage, just a wee supplementary toon. Which I forgot to mention here when I put it up ... sorry.

And, a new one will be up on the 20th. If you subscribed to the rss feed ... that's still a bit wonky. But I hope to have it figured soon.

Best wishes!
Stay warm! Or cool. Or ... dang, whatever you prefer.
-- Resa