Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Happy Cows

Because I know the person who owns the land just next to where the (Twilight) "Cullen's Baseball Field" is supposed to be, I have good reason to be out there fairly often.

And I was out there again yesterday to see how my Edward and Bella plant pots were doing. I am happy to report that both Edward and Bella's painted faces are holding up quite well under Fork's rainfall so far. However, as I drove up, I realized that the "baseball" field was occupied. Not by sparkly vampires, but by escapee cows.

Now these cows are royal, little stinkers. It's a rare day in spring that they don't fly their coop, and wander all about the area, sneaking into people's yards far and wide, sampling strange, new grasses. And this time, they had their new babies with them, and I couldn't help calling out to them, calling them "sweeties" when I got out of the car. Because hey, fuzzy baby cows. How could I not?

They turned to look at me as I did so. Watching me as I wandered over to my pots to groom out the dead flowers. Then suddenly, one cow seemed to become terribly taken with me. It was a lady cow, a big ol'girl, with a very pregnant tummy. She turned joyfully, seeming to practically dance on her tip toes, while making tiny, happy moos at me -- before dashing in my direction, like some gigantic, treat-expectant puppy, seemingly over-joyed to see me.

Now, I don't know a heck of lot about cows. But I do know that they weigh about the same as a small car. And this small car was on a collision course. Would she crash into me? Was I misinterpreting territorial aggression for "joy"? And even if I was right, could she stop in time? How graceful is a cow when her tummy is so large that it's wobbling on each side as she ran?

I paused and considered my options. I had wandered a fair pace from my car. Should I dash behind one of the trees? They are quite big enough to stop a car, and keep standing. This was a possible plan.

Luckily, Cow-Lady seemed to take notice of my fast back-peddling toward my leafy barrier, and stopped. She looked at me with confused brown eyes for a moment, then threw her head up and made three long, loud, mournful sounding moos. And cows came out from behind everything. And then, she turned, and went down the road toward home, with her fellows trotting behind her.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whoo -- I have my first thing up on Ebay!

I've used Ebay in the past to buy stuff -- usually used books. As I love collecting books. Particularly hard backs. But this is the first time I've ever tried to sell anything, so yay! It's now official. Now up on Ebay is my Twlight Print and Post Card set! Whoo!

I'd hoped for a "Buy Now!", set price auction. But you're not allowed to use that until you've sold several items, and you've proved yourself to be a honest seller. So, I've set up a Print/Post Card set with a starting bid of $10, and free shipping. Which is considerably less than the price now listed on my website. On my website, just the print is going for $13 -- postage included. So hopefully, I'll get a bite.

And, here we go. I figure, even if it doesn't sell, it should at least draw more attention to my website and art gallery online. And that's always good.

In other news: It's raining here in Forks, Washington.
I bet you're so surprised. Heh.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today was fun for me. I was out at the "Cullen's Baseball Field" (it's next to a piece of land someone I know owns) just in time to see a car drive up, and people ooo and ahhh over the new Edward and Bella plant pots.

I stayed discreetly away while they took several pictures of the pots. Close ups, far shots, shots with them in the pictures, and even a couple of the "Caution!" sign too. Heh! I loved that!! After they left, I did a small victory dance in my head, and pondered what else I can put out there later on. It's just such a rush to see people get so excited over something you've painted.

You know, it really is fun living in a town that's hip-deep in a fantasy novel. And it's been kind of a kick seeing what other people have done or crafted to take advantage of this. Like the Forks outfitters selling official employee name tags with Bella's name on it -- I thought that was terribly clever. Or how now, on the road leading out to the La Push, Quileute Indian Reservation and First Beach, there is a warning sign stating that "No Vampires Beyond This Point". Hah!

It just tickles me! I mean, I loved Forks, WA long before it was anything but a small blip on a map. And now, everybody loves it.


-- Resa

Monday, May 4, 2009

Alrighty then -- my first official post here!

So, I've been busy, art-wise. I've done a few commissions, and been working on a set of art pieces/prints to have ready to go for "Bella's Birthday", or Stephanie Meyer's Day in my town of Forks, Washington.

My most recent commissions were of a Fire Dancer and a Hula Girl. Be fore-warned that they may not be work-safe, as they do contain some nudity. But I'm particularly happy with how the Fire Dancer came out.

I really need to try my hand at more work that focuses on the use of light and shadow, as I find this really fascinating.

Twilight-Wise, I've done several pieces of art. My main piece is my black & white drawing, "Intoxicating Love", which is now available through me as a 8 1/2 x 11 print on cardstock, as well as post card packs of 5 or more on my Forks/Twilight page. The original art is also up for sale, as well as the original pencil I did for the piece.

I've also tried my hand at a couple of Jasper book marks. And a set of plant pots featuring Bella and Edward that are now sitting out by the official "Cullen's baseball field". I've also recently added a sign out there too, which I've posted on another Forks/Twilight gallery of mine, since it's not officially "art", but still hopefully amusing if you're a fan of the Twilight books.

And lastly, I would love to do more of my famous bookmarks. If you'd like one done for you, I'm currently charging $20 (which includes US shipping). You can find more information on my Art4Sale page on my website.

In other news, we're waiting on a storm this evening here in Forks, WA. Spring storms are usually pretty tame, but we have candles and snackies just in case.

And I have been busily attempting to learn wood-working. So far I have successfully made one saw horse, and one less than perfect saw horse. Tomorrow I hope to attempt my first bookcase. If it comes out slightly better than shabby, I shall be thrilled! Cuz anything less than a complete disaster just means I can get better at it. Yay!

Hope you're all having a safe and wonderful evening.

-- Resa