Monday, January 11, 2010

Cold Process, Hand-Made Shampoo/Soap Bars!

To celebrate the connection of the house to the rain catchment system, and real running water in our taps, I bought a set of home made soaps on Etzy. And they arrived today. And I just have to signal boost this seller.

S. M Fides makes the most wonderful soaps. They feel great on the body and hair, and have lovely scents. I absolutely adore the scents. And she has a great deal for anyone who wants to buy them from the United States -- 6 bars, your choice of scent, for $20 with free shipping.

That's what I bought. And it came just days after the original order, with a TON of small soap samples -- about a full bars worth. Which are also so damn nice, I fear I may have to make another order sometime soon. As Chamomile Gardenia is just far too nice to not buy a full bar of.

These bars just soothe you. I feel all happy and sleepy now after my first bath with the Gypsy Rose bar. If you like soaps, I highly recommend this seller.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Various Links for the New Year.

Hi there! I hope that the New Year went wonderfully for you! It was nice over here too. Though dry. It took about two weeks for our 2800 gallon rain catchment tank to fill completely. Though we did have over 2 inches, I'm told, the other day.

Okay! My Linkies!

Forks Daily and Annual Rainfall Totals.
It runs about a month late in the posting, but keeps track of every single day's rainfall.

Hillywood Show does NEW MOON.
These girls are scary good, with production values that rival, and sometimes surpass, the actual movies themselves.

And Leyna's tutorial on Digital Portraits.
Leyna is a fantastic portrait artist. And I'm thrilled to finally be able to see how she does her work.

And ... have a wonderful beginning of the New Year! With much fun and frolic!

Best wishes --