Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Random Cookery

I am attempting to make a Gluten-Free, Stevia-Sweetened, Old Fashioned New York Cheesecake. Based on an 1960s recipe -- the original, with sugar, is absolutely decadent.

I've made several stabs at it, and they weren't bad, but far from perfect. So -- this time I'm trying a variation on my other attempts, with a bit more stevia -- a sprinkle over 1/2 teaspoon -- and a melted bar of 80 percent chocolate candy. This one also sports no crust, as my attempt at a nut crust didn't work out so well. It overcooked. :-( So I put a pizza pan under my cheesecake pan to insulate the bottom, and also covered it with tinfoil, as it tends to overcook without the sugar/flour.

I also changed to cooking time. I cooked it at 300F for 60 mins only. And so far, it looks good. Still has a few surface cracks while it cools, but I haven't been able to cook a crack free cheesecake since leaving the deserts of Southern Cali in 2000. :0( But hey, if it tastes good with my coffee, that's all I'm needing.

We plan to try a piece later tonight, when it's fully cooled. If it's better than my last one, I'll post a recipe. Wish me luck! I need my sweets!

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