Monday, January 11, 2010

Cold Process, Hand-Made Shampoo/Soap Bars!

To celebrate the connection of the house to the rain catchment system, and real running water in our taps, I bought a set of home made soaps on Etzy. And they arrived today. And I just have to signal boost this seller.

S. M Fides makes the most wonderful soaps. They feel great on the body and hair, and have lovely scents. I absolutely adore the scents. And she has a great deal for anyone who wants to buy them from the United States -- 6 bars, your choice of scent, for $20 with free shipping.

That's what I bought. And it came just days after the original order, with a TON of small soap samples -- about a full bars worth. Which are also so damn nice, I fear I may have to make another order sometime soon. As Chamomile Gardenia is just far too nice to not buy a full bar of.

These bars just soothe you. I feel all happy and sleepy now after my first bath with the Gypsy Rose bar. If you like soaps, I highly recommend this seller.

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Juz said...

Greetings from Cape Town.
I lived in London for a few years and there was a shop called "Lush" - they use to cut the soap like cake slices. It was amazing!
Cool Blog.