Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today was fun for me. I was out at the "Cullen's Baseball Field" (it's next to a piece of land someone I know owns) just in time to see a car drive up, and people ooo and ahhh over the new Edward and Bella plant pots.

I stayed discreetly away while they took several pictures of the pots. Close ups, far shots, shots with them in the pictures, and even a couple of the "Caution!" sign too. Heh! I loved that!! After they left, I did a small victory dance in my head, and pondered what else I can put out there later on. It's just such a rush to see people get so excited over something you've painted.

You know, it really is fun living in a town that's hip-deep in a fantasy novel. And it's been kind of a kick seeing what other people have done or crafted to take advantage of this. Like the Forks outfitters selling official employee name tags with Bella's name on it -- I thought that was terribly clever. Or how now, on the road leading out to the La Push, Quileute Indian Reservation and First Beach, there is a warning sign stating that "No Vampires Beyond This Point". Hah!

It just tickles me! I mean, I loved Forks, WA long before it was anything but a small blip on a map. And now, everybody loves it.


-- Resa

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