Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Day in Forks Wa

It's a bright and sunny day here in Forks. The winds a bit up, but nothing to worry about. And so I was sitting on my porch, breathing it all in, occasionally wandering about to check on my flowers or study the progression of streamer moss growing downward from the limbs of my trees, when I heard it.

You have to understand that Forks is pretty quiet generally. Or quiet'ish. You hear birds, pretty much all the time. And the creaking of tree branches as the wind blows through them. And the occasional squirrel setting up a fuss, but other than that, it's quiet.

But as I sat out there listening to our Forks Version of Quiet, there came a sound. A horrible, terrible sound. It had the resonance of a small plane propeller being spun to get the engine going, mixed with the agonized squeel of some huge animal. And it was loud, and heading in my direction quickly. And so startling in it's suddenness, and fast approach that I wasn't quite sure how to process it immediately. Yes, the brain just went "whaaaa???"

Then I remembered how odd the llamas sound when they're irked about something. And out of the brush and trees, and thankfully on the other side of the fence, came bursting forward a very, very pregnant llama girl, shrieking her head off, and followed fast behind by the head llama male. The entire image was of her trying to avoid an attacker, and it took some work to grab hold of my dog and convince it that this wasn't a time to get involved to help a lady. Both of them could easily put her in the doggy hospital.

But then, Miss Llama stopped and glared at Mr. Llama. And Mr. Llama backed away quickly, obviously very intimated while she continued to shriek at him. And I think I got it.

I know that the local cows have all begun having wee cow babies over there. So I suspect it might also be time for the lady llamas to be bringing forth their own little ones. And Mr. Llama wants to be there, and Ms. LLama isn't having any of that.

Whatever the case, as I stood there, she continued to shriek and stomp her feet at him until he backed completely off and left. And then she quieted herself, seemed much more satisfied with the world, and turned to stomp off in the other direction.

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