Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Murder of Crows

The other day while I was reading, I kept noticing something flying back and forth by the window. Looking closer, I saw that it was crows. A lot of them.

So I went outside and it was actually some several HUNDRED crows.

They were scattered all over the yard all around the house, perching on fence posts, in bushes, and in every tree. They didn't seem to care much that I was out there either. I looked at them, and they looked back, with their unfathomable, little bead black eyes.

Kinda Creepy.

Well, today I looked out and there they were again. Less this time, probably under a hundred total. And this time, I grabbed my camera and went outside and they all fled. Dammit. I wanted a picture!

So weird.

It must be the Sparkly Vampires.

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