Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pots and Plants, Deer and Eagles

I grew up in the lowland deserts of Southern California. In a parched dry little town that never saw snow, broiled in the summer, and gathered to it's breast very little rainfall. It was a flat, hot, and mostly treeless place. And I used to dream of forests and cloud covered skies, where things would be green and cool and vibrantly alive.

And so I find myself here in Forks, Washington. Where instead of a couple of inches of rain a year, I can get that in a week. Even stranger, as I told my cousin just the other day, I've adapted so neatly that I would have sworn that last month only had an inch or less of rain ... when it actually had 5.6 inches.

How the heck did I miss 5.6 inches of rain? And here I thought it'd been a rainless, sunny-full month. Jeepers -- don't I even consider it rainy until we have a full foot these days? Gah!

When I first moved here, I found the rain nearly mind numbing in it's continuity. I remember thinking that it NEVER STOPPED. That out there, somewhere, surely someone was building an Ark.

But that wasn't an unusually rainy year at all. That was just Forks. And now ... I hardly notice the rain at all. I don't even use an umbrella. Isn't that just bizarre?

In other news, I was quite excited to see several bald eagles in the last few days, and many many deer. The deer are even a bit cheeky. Refusing to run from my car as I slow down to look at them eating leaves and grass by the side of the road. I have even had to, on occasion, stop my car and get out, to coax the little buggers out of the street, when they decide to just stop in front of my car, probably chuckling silently to their little deer selves. Stinkers.

And, I have one new pot out at the Twilight, "Cullens' Baseball Field". It's nothing earth shattering. Just a pot painted black with a red apple on it, sporting a cherry red petunia. I plan to start on two new pots in about a week, of Alice and Jasper, to add to my slowly growing stash of Twilight plant pots out there. It may take a while to get them all, but eventually I'll have a full set. Maybe even Jacob, in his own little pot, sitting a bit off to the side and looking forelorn and lonely. Poor wee wolfy.

And lastly, I have many more bookmarks up now in my gallery. Which you can find HERE.

Best wishes, and have a wonderful day!
- Resa

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